Pace Thomas Carlyle, economics need not be dismal! Images and other artistic media are a great way to develop an understanding of economic affairs. This selection is taken from over 500 images in my archive. (Click on an image to view in larger format or to scroll.)

The Colours of Money

The history of money
A question of competence
Capitalising initiative
Modern finance
Cash flow / World flow

To Profit or Not-to-Profit

Layers of ownership
An articulated organisation
Site-use analysis

Air Beneath your Wings Workshop

Economic motto
Exchange as I&E Account
Exchange with balance sheets
The victory (Nike) moment

Towards a One-World Currency

Beyond national money
204 peoples / One money
Everyone's world
500 times more sunshine
All hands touching

A Miscellany

On yer trike!
Keynes's legacy
Understanding value