Project Areas

My work is based on six project areas crucial to our times:

Deep Accounting
Addressing today’s key financial and monetary issues through the medium of accounting.

Prospects for a World Currency
Examining the prospects for a common currency based on universal accounting.

Youth Financial Literacy
In the 21st century, financial literacy will become ever more important, especially among entrepreneurs and young people. But of what kind? The OECD, for example, makes no mention at all of teaching bookkeeping.

The Role of the Corporation and the Future of Not-for-profits
Examining the place and future of both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations in modern society. And by implication the nature and future of taxation.

Financing Education
Exploring the possibility of school finance that is neither state-run nor privately funded.

The Economics of Farming
Developing understanding for the economics of farming with special reference to financing, ownership and capitalisation.