English, French, German, and some Spanish.

Full CV:
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Formal Education: 

Ph.D in Banking: “An enquiry into the relationship between central banking and the financial markets since 1973, with special reference to the Bank of England.” Cass Business School, London, England.

BA (Hons.) in Economic History: Graduation project  – “Dogs may bark…”, a 30 minute documentary on central bank independence and the Bank of England. University of Sussex, Brighton, England.

Private Studies: 
Sociology and modern political history, with particular emphasis on Latin America. Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to economics and sociology. Cinematic filming, sound, lighting, and editing in California, USA, and Sussex, England. Seamanship and navigation during 2 years on private yachts.

Fields of Experience: 
Writing and editing articles. Lecturing and university teaching. Consulting on organisational structure, budgeting, and financial management. Publishing. Property development, school and farm management. Local politics. Town regeneration.

Note: I am not licensed to give financial advice and nothing that I say or that appears on this website should be construed otherwise.