Written either directly or compiled from articles, I have written a number of books in the socio-economic field, especially from an associative point view, an approach that is neither statist nor market; neither believing that the state should run economic life (its role is to provide a context in terms of rights), nor that economic life should be given over wholly to ‘market forces’, as if of themselves they can or ought to displace human judgement. Now that the global financial crisis is upon us as a continuing rather than resolved phenomenon, perhaps the ideas in these books can provide a 'new wallpaper’ for both our macro and micro understanding of economic life. 

Below is a full list of all titles, published and unpublished. The titles in pale grey can be bought online. Others are available on request. 

Published (* = with others)

Las Finanzas en el Umbral (Finance at the Threshold) (Spanish) 2011
Finance at the Threshold 2011 
Las Estrellas Circulantes (Freeing the Circling Stars) (Spanish) 2011
Economische Schetsen (Prelude in Economics) (Dutch) (2010)
The Metamorphosis of Capitalism (Hungarian) (2010)
El Yo y La Economia Moderna (Putting the I in Economics) (Spanish) (2009)
Auditorial Central Banking 2006 
Rare Albion 2005 
Freeing the Circling Stars 2004 
The Right On Corporation 2004 
The Metamorphosis of Capitalism 2003  
Rudolf Steiner, Economist* 1996 
Of Wheat and Gold 1988 (1996) 
Prelude in Economics (Prelude en Economie) (French) (1989)
Prelude in Economics 1979 (1996) 

Unpublished (* = with others; Italics = Prepared; (pp) = Provisionally Printed) 

3x3x3 (pp)
Step into Another World* (pp)
Associative Economics Glossary* (pp)
Associative Economic Policies* (pp) 
The Metamorphosis of Capitalism (French)
Rudolf Steiner, Economist*
Six Contemplations
Economic History Revisited (12 Vignettes)
The I in Economics
Michaelic Economics (2004)
Prelude in Economics (Hungarian)
Prelude in Economics (Italian) (pp)
Prelude in Economics (Japanese) (pp)
Prelude in Economics (Romanian) (pp)
Romanian Notes
A Random Walk to Dornach
Economics to the Second Power
Towards True Pricing*
The Optional Euro (pp)
Double or Quit (Double Entry Bookkeeping]*
Argentina Associativa
The Colours of Money
Deep Accounting
The Economics of Farming
Journey to the Centre of the Economy
Of Wheat and Gold (Dutch)
Prelude in Economics 2e
Prelude in Economics (French, 2e)
Prelude in Economics (Portuguese)
Prelude in Economics (Spanish)
Towards a New Economy
Beyond Capital and Labour
Economic Imagery (15 Posters)
Of Wheat and Gold 2e
Concerning Not-for-Profits
The Unspoken Mission of John Maynard Keynes
Rare Albion Storyboard