Articles & Papers

Below is a partial list of texts, typical of my range of topics. All are available on request. In addition, a downloadable PDF provides titles and dates (with archive numbers for ordering purposes) of over 500 think pieces, articles and papers spanning the period from 1970 until now. The texts cover a wide range of socio-economic topics, meaning some are distinctly sociological rather than economic, and yet the whole of modern life has an economic mood about it. As regards the economics, this is meant in terms of associative economics, namely, methodologically descriptive rather than definitive, and with a strong bias towards practical economic experience rather than ‘ivory tower’ contemplation. As much as possible, the style of the writings is meant to be pan-historical, meaning their relevance or deeper significance ought not to have tired with the passage of time. The texts are of varying lengths, ranging from short ‘think pieces’ to complete dissertations, depending on the circumstance that gave rise to the material. Some are derived from transcribed lectures. (In some cases there are non-English versions. Other writings have been incorporated within books, both published and unpublished – see Books page.) Access Articles and Papers Index here.

'Triple Governance – Hayek's Lost Thesis.' In The 1974 Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences (provisional title) Palgrave Macmillan, 2016 (forthcoming).
'In the Shoes of Luca Pacioli – Double entry bookkeeping and financial literacy.' In International Handbook for Financial Literacy, Springer, Berlin 2016.

2014-5 (CrESSI Project)
Concerning ‘Social Finance’ – Backgrounding piece, unpublished note, with C.W.M. Naastepad. (2014) 
Accounting, Economic and Sociological Considerations of Open Access Credit – Clarification of concepts, unpublished note, with C.W.M. Naastepad. (2014) 
Beckert, Sen and Finance: A response to marginalisation mindful of today’s prevailing monetary and financial environment. With Naastepad, C.W.M. (2015)  
Aristotelian Economics and Modern Finance – A consideration of the true counterpart to today’s financial market. With C.W.M. Naastepad. (2015)
Capital, Capacities and Capabilities: Open Access Credit and the Capability Approach. Contribution to HDCA Panel, Athens, 2-5 September 2014. (2014) 
Comprehensive Case Study: Financial and monetary innovations for overcoming social exclusion – The financing of generalised education (as instanced in the Netherlands and England). With Naastepad, C.W.M. and Van der Linden, M.J. (2015).
Accounting, Social Innovation and Finance – teaching financial literacy using double entry bookkeeping. (2015) (CRESSI Working paper 15/2015)
Entrepreneur Capital. Individual Case Study? (2015) 
Embedding Social Innovation into an Account of the Co-evolution of Technology, Economy and Society - Linking Modern Finance to Social Innovation. With Naastepad, C.W.M. (2016) 
The economics of organic agriculture in Spain: Interview with Ae Magazine
Concerning coalition
Of Joan and Maynard: Essay on Joan of Arc and John Maynard Keynes
Breathing with the Gods: Talk to World Goodwill
Is education a good?
Can literacy trump history? A critique of Niall Ferguson's The Ascent of Money
A Candid Appraisal of Resilience Engineering and Finance
The Need for Fragrant Plumbing.
Concerning the prospects for leaving the European Union
Commentary on Dangerous Exponentials – a radical take on the future by Dr Tim Morgan of Tullett Prebon
A Second Earth: Owen Barfield’s Concept of Equity
Commentary on Tim Congdon’s Anti-recession Ideas

Deep Accounting: Reconnecting Accounting and Economics
From closed to open to closed again: How are we to think in a one-world economy
From Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas to Rudolf Steiner: A study of today’s prevailing positivism in economics in contrast to Rudolf Steiner’s approach.
Basic Income - A matter for individuals
Rudolf Steiner’s Idea of ‘Gift Money’. Have we understood it?
Straight but Narrow. Concerning the orthodox-heterodox debate
A Review of ‘Understanding Accounting Ethics’ by Mark Cheffers and Michael Pakaluk
Associative Economics and Biodynamic Farming
International Net Worth Transfers
Debt: What is its true counterpart?
From Competition to Association
LETS and Monetary Policy
Rudolf Steiner, Economist
The Art Market
Associative Economics and the European Central Bank
The Origins and Significance of Central Banking
Islamic Economics and Capitalism