Concerning the Crisis in the Anthroposophical Society*
30 March 2022

A candid yet hopeful view of the Anthroposophical Society and its future despite the travails of its past. With the hope that it will prove to be an 'exemplary financial community', both for the sake of its own well-being and because the maxim 'as above, so below' is perhaps no better expressed than when financial and spiritual sovereignty are understood as the two sides of the same coin.

Our Financial Challenges are also the World's; as are our Responses
December 2022

What does an 'exemplary financial community' look like close-to? A look at the finances of the Anthroposophical Society through the lens of Rudolf Steiner's observations concerning the three kinds of money. How can – or how do – the financial affairs of the Society match both the inner and outer characteristics of finance one third into the current Michael age?