Own Publications

Towards Christmas 2023
Renewing our Covenant with Rudolf Steiner 
Transcripts of lectures given in South America and Spain in 2011, this book makes the inner and outer case for supporting the Anthroposophical Society through deliberate financial support of its work. (Available in English.)

The Deed of Rudolf Steiner
Sociological Masterpiece, Economic Testament 
Originally written in 1979 and revised since, this is a study of the way Rudolf Steiner refounded the Anthroposophical Society with particular regard to its economic dimensions, both as regards its own organisation and the world in general. It includes an annex, Tasks, Seeds, Qualities based on notes taken at the time of Jorgen Smit's an intensive account of the origin, background and purpose of the three classes of the School of Spiritual Science. (Available in English.)

The Inner and Outer Aspects of Associative Economics
Rudolf Steiner’s Contribution to the Economic Life, Events and Tasks of our Time
Comprising 'Rudolf Steiner’s Unfinished Deed' and 'Money in the Old and New Mysteries', over nine hours of insightful and hope-filled audio commentary made in October 2008. (Available at steinereconomics.com.)

The Hibernia
A special publication giving the background to the Hibernia, a notional currency intended for the Anthroposophical Society worldwide.