Edited Publications

Revisiting the Christmas Conference
A Retreat Template
A five-day intensive retreat to commemorate the Refounding of the Anthroposophical Society. (Available in English.)

Truth in our Finances
Meg Freeling December 2021
A detailed consideration of the need to 'truthen' the finances of the Anthroposophical Society if it is to fulfil its destiny. (Available in English.)

The Challenges of Christmas 1923
Marc Desaules May 2014
A discussion of the inner and outer responsibilities of working with Rudolf Steiner's legacy, especially as regards the challenges of modern economic life. (Available in English and Spanish.)

Guarding the Shores – Exploring Hibernia
Ed. C Houghton Budd 2020
A consideration of the deep significance of Ireland, anciently called Hibernia. The proceedings of a conference jointly organised in 2018 by the Anthroposophical Societies of Ireland, Romania and Switzerland. Especially Chapters 3, 10 and the Appendix. (Available here.)