Films, Interviews and Exhibitions


A collection of films of various quality that document various aspects of my work.

Rare Albion 2 (August 2015)
A brief docu-video of an exhibition in Folkestone, England
Rare Albion – The Exhibition (February 2014)
About my approach to financial literacy for young people.
Video in English; with Portuguese subtitles.
Finance at the Threshold: 10 Financial Monologues (July 2010)
Concerning the global financial situation
video commentary.
About L'Aubier
video talk about financing organic agriculture


Concerning the G20 (April 2009)
video commentary
Bank on Youth and Trade (My Name is Bond, Youth Bond!)
downloadable interview at Campinas University, Brazil (August 2011)
The Big Idea: Youth Bonds in Folkestone (February 2018)
Film; Audio


Mini Money Museum in Folkestone
March to September 2015
Rare Albion
February 2014 in Folkestone, England