Fifty years active involvement in social and economic issues has given rise to a wide range of activities, all of which link different groups of people to central questions of our time. The basis of my work is collaborative research in a number of key project areas carried out on an on-going basis with many colleagues around the world. This work informs my consultancy work, with its main purpose of giving clients a sense of where economic life is going, so that they may judge better what to do in their own situations.
As well as direct consultancy, my workshops and presentations provide opportunities for diverse groups of people to participate in this work. As these groups come from many walks of life and in many countries, the aim throughout is to convey complex issues of the day in a lively and comprehensible manner. (Click for examples.)

I also do freelance teaching in secondary schools and universities, where my main focus is on financial literacy.

Finally, I take every opportunity to curate this work through films, interviews and exhibitions.